Srushti Family is a small, caring , curious community of learners, who come together to create a vibrant learning environment, preparing ourselves for to face the rapidly changing world of the 21st century world. Our ways of working are collegial, where relationships are built on the foundation of trust and integrity.

Our family includes the Trustees, management, teaching and non teaching staff, students, parents & Industry and our donors.

Advisory Members

Lakshmi Hariharan, Founder, Principal
Hariharan, Trustee
Thyagarajan, Trustee
Shalini Sethi, Advisory Member

Principal :

Dear Students,
We welcome you to a vibrant learning space at Srushti Degree College, where students and faculty learn from each other to grow individually and collectively. Srushti provides an open space to co-create students flourishing. 

You will learn by doing projects. We hope by seeing theory in practice will trigger your curiosity to know more on the subject and help you inquire deeper on the topic. Building skills is equally important as integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines. Under the guidance of helpful and dedicated faculty, guest lectures from people in Industry and alumni you will be guided to become lifelong learners at Srushti.

You will learn to look at problems as an opportunity to co-create innovative solutions. You will have innumerable opportunities to share your IDEAS in our yearly events like Startup challenge, Youth Social Innovation conference..etc. Srushti nurtures you to become innovative leaders.
Student Self Governance is a unique feature, which gives you authority to address student issues and run student clubs on campus, while being responsible. You will learn democratic ways of working together. You will learn to be a socially responsible citizens who understand that in the wellbeing of others, is our wellbeing.

Today’s Generation is not just looking of a job, but careers where they can make purposeful contributions. At Srushti we encourage you to discover your strengths, use them more to find your maximum potential and map careers where you can excel.

Our aim is to send students out into the world saying, “I can”.
We are looking for aspirational & enterprising students who want to create a future of their dreams and are ready to commit to it.

We are a small college with big dreams !


Learning is Student-centric. Faculty create an open space for a participative and collaborative learning environment. 

Meaningful learning  &  meaningful relationships go together. Faculty at Srushti are helpful, friendly for students to reach out to them when in doubt. 

Srushti Faculty  not just have academic qualifications but also have Industry and other  experience  in their career, to inspire our students.

Join our resource team

We want dedicated faculty to join us at SRUSHTI. If the below qualities resonate with you , please reach out to us : 

  • If you have the  relevant academic  & industry experience to teach subjects offered at college.
  • Being curious and wanting to learn.  
  • Committed to working collaboratively, with integrity & transparency.
  • Committed to educating the student with knowledge, skills and attitude in any discipline
  • Mentor students for their career or higher education, and help them recognise their maximum potential .

Our Donors & Supporters

We have provided Merit cum Means scholarship, to around 40% of our students, who are meritorious but come from economically poor backgrounds. This has been possible, only because of the generous donations from several individuals and organizations.

Heartfelt Thanks !

We thank each one of them wholeheartedly for their support. We will always ensure that SRUSHTI, will uphold their trust. We look forward to their continued support.

Wish to Donate? Please contact us on the form below . we will get in touch with you. Or Call us on 9964645111.

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