Campus life - Student flourishing

When students find their  inner wellbeing, they can grow to their maximum potential, where they realise their agency to impact not only their lives , but also others. 

This makes them a happy student. 

Srushti is a safe place for meaningful learning and meaningful relationships, where peers support each other to learn and grow individually and collectively.

 They do this by simultaneously engaging with their inner self and outer worlds.

Club activities

Wellbeing requires holistic engagement of spiritual, emotional, physical, mental & social aspects of students life. The Club activities provides the engagement of whole person.

Srushti gives students freedom to initiate Club activities. This is a place to creatively express themselves, share  their passion with their peers and take leadership, to expand and grow it with their vision.

Wellbeing club : Knowing oneself

Knowing oneself happens, when students engage with their inner self and outer worlds at the same time. 

  • Group meditation every morning, where students learn to get in touch within themselves.

  • Self evaluation & self reflection in all activities, helps students to unlearn, learn and relearn.


  • Individual counseling sessions with professional counselors are provided to  help students in difficult situations. 

Arts & cultural Club : Emotional wellbeing

Every  student should have a space for emotional expression. Arts provides this space for creative expressions. 

Sports club : Physical wellbeing

Sports activities  nourishes the body, thereby the brain also and it is an important activity.. 

YSI Club : Social wellbeing

Students in Youth Social Innovation club  experiment to make an impact for their learning community by solving student issues on campus.

Startup Club : Using Agency

Entrepreneurial students can start  their business IDEA’s with funding and incubation support from reputed VC’s and Entrepreneurs.