Youth are choosing entrepreneurship as a career, today

At Srushti we support students who dream of running startups with their business IDEA’s.              

We provide :

  • Platforms to present business pitch to VC’s & entrepreneurs
  • Funds 
  • Incubation support to establish their startups

Srushti Startups @ campus is an yearly event at College  to encourage micro-entrepreneurship by students. We have done this in collaboration with our industry partner, Sethi Foundation, founded by Shalini Sethi & and Sudhir Sethi, VC of Chirathe Ventures. 


We have so far conducted 3 startup events events, which began in 2019.


We  have funded 23 micro-entrepreneurship projects of students, from Srushti and other colleges.

Startup Workshop

Faculty at Srushti Degree College conduct a workshop to  prepare students to present their Business pitch.

At the workshop students learn:

  •  User experience Design  to find what their customer really wants
  •  Use Design thinking tools to ideate their Business IDea.
  •  Costing, preparing a 6 months budget and writing a Business plan.
  •  To tell their story in the Business Pitch 

Srushti Startup @ Campus Events with Sethi Foundation


3 students were funded Rs.10000/- each


5 students were funded Rs.10000/- each


13 students are being  funded Rs. 25000/- each, based on achieving milestones

It boosts students’ confidence to know that people are investing in their IDEA’s. 

People Involved

Reputed  VC’s, successful entrepreneurs both national and international are involved as judges and mentors in Srushti Startup@campus

  1. Shalini Sethi is Chairperson of Sethi Foundation
  2. Mr. Sudhir Sethi, is Founder & Chairman of Chiratae Ventures India Advisors. 
  3. Meena Girisaballa is the Founder & CEO of PurpleFront Technologies 
  4. Vinod R Kaushik is the Founder and CEO of Homergize
  5. Vijay is CTO Chiratae Venture  technology &  Fintech leader
  6. Trivakam mentors deep tech startups and part of Deep Tech Club in Nasscom
  7. Hariharan, Founder and CEO of Flamingo Properties 
  8. Shreyas Hariharan is the co-founder of Llama, featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2023.
  9. Rohit – Founder of CDS (Customer Door Step Service ), Winner of 2020- Srushti Startup@campus
  10. Prashant – Founder of Art World, Winner of 2019- Srushti Startup@campus