Having Alumni back at college, is something is a joyful for all of us.

Faculty  enjoy listening to their stories, of their world out of college, with pride, while they enjoy reconnecting and revisiting their college times with their friends.

 We welcome our alumni to participate in the learning and development of their juniors, especially in the Career Readiness Program. Their Gyan is always well received by the juniors.

Important alumni connect events :

  • Yearly Alumni meet on Christmas day


  • Alumni lecture series


  • Alumni workshops on Career Readiness


  • Alumni sponsorship of college fest


Memorable meet Our early batches

Every Year, on Christmas day 25th December, we get-together to celebrate Christmas party. This is organized by the outgoing batch, with fun, games and surprise gifts. Alumni are happy to catch up with friends. Faculty enjoy these interactions.

Alumni Lecture Series

We started our Alumni Lecture series with the theme of Career Readiness Program

The first lecture was delivered by P. Vijith from ( 14-17 Batch), who spoke about how to prepare for competitive exams for jobs like UPSC, Banks, etc.

Sridevi ( batch 2012-15), gave an online lecture on preparing for interviews during job placements.

Yasmin ( Batch 2013-16) gave an online lecture on how to use internet for registering in job portals and also preparing oneself for Job interviews.

Alumni workshops on Career Readiness

Vijith P conducted a week long online classes to help students for competitive exam preparation for UPSC, Bank exams.

Alumni Support

Alumni sponsorship for college fests is greatly appreciated by the juniors.