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SRUSHTI Degree College was an idea conceived much before its inception in 2011, followed by the establishment of the SRUSHTI Trust in 2001. The idea that inspired to create SRUSHTI was to create a space to nurture the creative and innovative spirit in the youth. As an institute, providing equal opportunities for young minds to learn, explore and grow & realize their full potential  is something, that has always been the focus for us.

Over the last decade, we have earned a reputation as an educational institution, which builds a strong foundation of knowledge and prepares students with competencies for the real world both professionally and personally, while helping them to identify their strengths and map a suitable career, where they can excel.

Our educational philosophy is based on an integrated approach, to give a transformational learning experience for the students. Our teaching- learning practices are designed to offer a unique blend of theory with practice, online with offline, teacher led with students led, learning activities.

All this happens in an environment of academic rigour, aesthetic and ethical engagement.

We promote the well-being of students by creating a vibrant learning environment & make opportunity available for students to achieve their full potential.

The impact we cherish from our students is when they believe in themselves and can say “ I can”.

Our Vision

Co-creating a better world, together

Our Mission

To prepare youth, as life-long learners, innovative leaders, and responsible citizens.

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Our Objective

  • Using an integrated approach, providing an education gives a transformational learning experience to the students, which nurtures curiosity and hones them for the real world.
  • Designing “open spaces” to co-create a vibrant learning space, together, by the community of learners, where every member participates and decisions are taken together, honoring each voice.
  • Developing innovative learning modules to enable the youth to become Youth Social Innovators, with creative & problem-solving skills.
  • Providing a space like Srushti Rasaa for creative collaborations, entrepreneurship, and incubation, using Art & Design thinking, where people from diverse backgrounds come together to design learning experiences, multidisciplinary projects, through workshops, conferences, mentorships.
  • Utilizing our Research Center to support integration & co-creation of knowledge from multiple disciplines & human experiences on various topics of human flourishing, which can be disseminated.

Our Culture

Co-creating together, with the learning community has been central to all our processes at Srushti. This can happen only in an environment of integrity, when there is meaningful learning experiences and meaningful relationships.

Every member of the learning community, be it students or faculty members, participate in all decisions related to all the learning and development programs, thereby contribute to better the learning environment, democratically.

Open space meeting to listen, understand & co-create, is a process through learning community participates.

There is the freedom to participate while being responsible for one’s choices.

SRUSHTI for society: About Srushti Rasaa

Srushti Rasaa (Earlier SRUSHTI Trust) is envisioned as a space for creative collaborations, art & design workshops, and an incubation center to build sustainability to meaningful projects across the globe. The key is to work on projects that address the UN Sustainable development goals, and present-day changing times after COVID-19.

What Our Students Say