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Srushti was founded 2 decades ago in 2001, on the foundation of enabling youth as social innovators, who provided access to schools to rural children. Srushti Degree College was started in 2011, to nurture the creative & innovative potential of young people. Our aim is to contribute to society, by educating and enabling them to prepare for their future careers, where they lead lives of co-creative leadership & purposeful contribution.

Our focus is on every student at Srushti.

Over the last decade, we have earned a reputation as an educational institution, which builds a strong foundation of knowledge and prepares students with competencies for the real world both professionally and personally, while helping them to identify their strengths and map a suitable career, where they can excel.

Our educational philosophy is in sync with NEP-2020 ( National Education Policy). We adopt is based on an integrated approach to give a transformational learning experience for the students. Our teaching-learning practices are designed to offer a unique blend of theory with practice, online with offline, teacher-led with student-led learning activities and inter-disciplinary.

Our Culture is Co-creating together, with the learning community. Students & faculty participate democratically and contribute to a better learning environment at the campus. There is the freedom to participate while being responsible for one’s choices.

Our values are empathy, integrity & co-creation.

All this happens in an environment of freedom, aesthetic and ethical engagement.

The impact we cherish from our students is when they believe in themselves and can say “ I can”.

Our Vision

Co-creating a better world, together

Our Mission

To prepare youth, as life-long learners, innovative leaders and socially responsible citizens.

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Our Objective

  • Using an integrated approach to education, we aim to give students a transformational learning experience. We aim to nurture students’ curiosity to inquire deeply and develop competencies for their future careers, start-up, or higher education and life after college.
  • Designing “open spaces” for the learning community to listen, understand & co-create together is the core of all our processes. It aims to bring both students and faculty to participate democratically in their learning and development and co-create a vibrant learning environment on campus.
  • Students’ holistic development with arts, sports & spirituality & social work, is integrated into the curriculum.
  • Srushti Rasaa – Youth Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship cell (YSIE) aims to provide a space for young people’s creative collaborations, social innovations at the campus, and entrepreneurship. It’s open to students and faculty from all colleges. This aims to nurture the creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial potential of young people. The focus is to work on projects that address the UN Sustainable development goals.
  • Research Cell provides projects for both students and faculty to engage in a deep inquiry on various matters concerning student flourishing at the campus. Knowledge co-created by a diverse learning community from multiple – disciplines, will be disseminated.

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