About Srushti

Vision : Co-create a better future


  1. Employing an integrated and interdisciplinary approach and academic rigor to education, we provide students with a transformational learning experience.
  2. The core of all our processes is designing “open spaces”   for the learning community to listen, dialog and co-create a better future.
  3. We focus on the holistic development of students, aiming for  their flourishing and wellbeing. 
  4. Innovation Cell is the space for students to explore creative collaborations, youth social innovations on campus, and entrepreneurship, together with faculty.
  5. Research Cell provides projects for both students and faculty to engage in a deep inquiry on various matters concerning student flourishing at the campus.


Srushti was founded two decades ago in 2001 with the goal of enabling youth as Social Innovators to impact the learning and development of rural children. Srushti Degree College was started in 2011 to nurture the creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial potential in youth. Our aim is to contribute to society by educating youth in a college campus that aims at student flourishing, where they can realize their unique potential and develop agency to prepare for life & careers  where they can excel. This will enable them to make meaningful contributions to themselves, society, and the environment.

Srushti Degree college is in Bangalore, and is  affiliated with Bangalore North University.  We are offering courses  in commerce & management subjects. Recently we have added Design courses. Over the years, we’ve become known for building strong knowledge foundations and preparing students for professional success while promoting personal growth. 

We value the diversity of our learning community at campus. We welcome all students from diverse backgrounds. To facilitate this we have an affordable fee structure and also give scholarships for needy students. 

We work in a culture of  Co-Creating together with the learning community. We dream of possibilities and take action to make them a reality. Together, we participate in all activities, we review, learn, and improve to enhance our processes. Our approach involves two key questions: What went well? What can we do better ?

Higher education institutions have the responsibility to respond to challenges faced in the world today. We design open spaces to co-create emerging futures, bringing together diverse students inside and outside campus to engage in dialogue and build a new understanding. We prepare leaders for the next generation who have open minds, open hearts, and open wills to take the right action. Our values are Our values are  integrity, compassion  & co-creation.

All this happens in an environment of freedom, aesthetic and ethical engagement.

Every student is unique. Our focus is on each one of them, to help them realize their maximum potential & prepare for their dream career. 

The impact we cherish, is every student can believe in themselves and confidently say “ I can”.

A small college with BIG dreams !