Student Flourishing

Students Co-create an environment for their flourishing on campus!

Srushti campus is a place for meaningful learning and meaningful relationships, where peers support each to learn and grow.

An environment for Student flourishing is one, where every student can flower, grow and realize their maximum potential and use their agency to co-create a better campus for themselves and others.

For such a flowering to happen, we need a safe space on campus, where interaction happens using the values of integrity, empathy, and co-creation.

Today, outside campus, many students are not finding such safe spaces to express themselves freely. Many are showing signs of loneliness and depression, examination stress, obesity or malnutrition, peer pressure, violence, abuse, or stress about their careers & future. Stress is further added, especially when they take it upon themselves to sort out all issues or depend on Google for all answers.

Some practices at Srushti for student flourishing :

– Open space meetings to participate and take decisions on all matters relating to their learning and development.

– Wellbeing club, conducts weekly activities for students where students can express problems and solve them.

– Freedom to make choices at campus and take responsibility for their choice – with regard to student-initiated activities.

– Group meditation is done every morning.

– Individual Counselling sessions take place, twice a week, with a professional counselor.


Every morning we have the whole college gathering for a group meditation, followed by the thought for the day by one of the students.

BCom Course

Our Aim to to take care of complete well being of all the students



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