Student Wellbeing

Students at Srushti are Happy! We make the journey happy within college – you don’t have to bunk college to have fun!

Students’ wellbeing is a strong priority at SRUSHTI. We believe in taking care and responsibility for all our students not just academically but holistically.

Today, with the COVID pandemic, every one of our learning community, is struggling to make sense of the new normal and adapt to the change in all aspects of their life. The pandemic has only elevated these issues, with spending most of their time in front of the screen, isolated from friends and not having spaces to express their fears & concerns of their future in the post COVID world. This is something that needs our attention. Many of them are showing signs of loneliness and depression, examination stress, obesity or malnutrition, peer pressure, violence, abuse, and a lack of safety.

Students, stress is further added, especially when they take it upon themselves to sort out all issues.

Some of the basic principles which help us to create this safe space for students at SRUSHTI are:

  • Open space meeting to participate in all decisions taken for students in their learning and development.
  • Wellbeing club, conducts weekly activities for students where students can express problems and solve them.
  • Freedom to make choices and taking responsibility for their choice.
  • Every morning begins with a group Meditation Sessions.
  • Individual Counselling sessions take place, twice in a week, with a professional counsellor.


Every morning we have the whole college gathering for a group meditation, followed by the thought for the day by one of the students.

BCom Course

Our Aim to to take care of complete well being of all the students