Learning Philosophy

Developing tomorrow’s leaders Confident-Creative-Caring

Our learning processes are in sync with new NEP policy ( National Education Policy)

Our learning focusses on building a strong foundation of knowledge, and competencies in our students in different disciplines.

The students learn through projects where the attempt is to bridge gap between theory and practice together, helping them to apply knowledge.

Our key principles

A Learning Community: Every member at SRUSHTI is part of a learning community, be it student or faculty, or others. We all believe in learning from each other.

Life-long Learning: We teach our students to learn as much as they wish to learn, by creating a participative & vibrant learning environment.

Academic Rigour: Students are put through the rigor of academics, to help them build the foundational knowledge in every discipline, which is needed to apply, integrate and construct new knowledge. The rigor is built through compulsory attendance, assignments, monthly tests, etc.

Project-based Learning: Through a DO & LEARN approach, students develop an understanding of theory and practice. Generally, students gain knowledge in college,  but they don’t have the skills or know-how to apply their knowledge in industry. At SRUSHTI through 3 years of college students take up mini-projects, do internships, passion projects, entrepreneurship projects, attend talks and seminars by industry leaders too.

Student Self Governance – Student Self Governance is an important platform for students to actively participate in all aspects of learning & development of their peers. Open space meetings provide opportunity for students to make decisions democratically, in a collaborative team spirit, making them ready for the industry.

Design thinking, Problem-solving & Action bias: Students are taught design thinking methodology used at Stanford D school USA, where they design prototypes for social and entrepreneurial projects and test them while in college. Through this, they build a strong bias for action.

Career Preparation- At SRUSHTI, students are actively encouraged from day 1, to identify their interests, explore various career options. This builds confidence in themselves, to pursue their goals outside the college.

Freedom to Participate: Our students have complete freedom to choose to participate in any student activity. It could be the student council team, industry field visits, internships, or organizing college events. But their freedom goes with being responsible for their commitments, throughout.

Finding passion & developing intrinsic confidence: Students work on what we call a “passion project” to discover what truly interests them & prepare for their future confidently. Most students go out of college losing confidence when evaluated only based on marks. At Srushti, we recognize the shy student, the creative student, the kind student, the leader, the academic. Each one of these kinds of students has the opportunity to recognize his/her strength and grow at Srushti.

Making informed career choices: Students do internships to help them discover their career options. They make an informed choice of their career, as most traditional career paths will no longer exist, today after COVID-19 Crisis.

Finding a larger purpose & Socially responsibility – At the heart of all these processes, is to help our learning community discover their lifelong purpose, around which they develop their career, helping them serve a larger goal than themselves. Several art-related activities help to sensitize and bring out the human aspect of the students.

Student undertake innumerable projects to connect theory with practice through their degree education.

Students learn best by doing. Research has shown that students engaged in projects have better learning outcomes compared to mere textbook learning. DO & LEARN is an approach to learning at SRUSHTI!

Our students undertake several projects through 3 years of their education.

These include:

  • 30 mini-projects throughout the 3 years of the degree, as part of BGBTP – or Bridging gap between theory & Practice program. This program allows students to connect theoretical concepts with the real-world industry.
  • Passion project to discover their passion and interests.
  • Participation in the Startup Challenge to start on their own, while in college
  • Entrepreneurial projects to discover students’ abilities to innovate a new idea and move to action to monetise it, by building their capacity to take risks, source funds, and look for efficient human resources to execute the plan.
  • Social innovation project to develop skills to solve societal issues or bring change within the campus, building creative problem-solving skills.
  • Organize an event under the Event Management project.
  • Business Research project and prepare project report, in an area of their interest.

Why Choose Our Institution

Project Based Learning

Student undertake innumerable projects to connect theory with practice through their degree education.

Learn from Dedicated Faculty

You will gain knowledge under experienced & dedicated faculty by going through academic rigors of weekly assignments

Add On Courses

Other than the curriculum we have addon courses on Digital Marketing, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word.

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