B.VOC – Early child care & Development


Career preparation starts from the first day of college The curriculum is planned to integrating theory with real world experience. Our learning process prepares students for workplace. Faculty at Srushti, who have both academic and industry experience will mentor students and guide them to choose a career based on their interest and potential.

  • Minimum 60%
  • Academic transcripts
  • Tests and Test-Optional
  • Portfolio
  •  Up to 60% of our students avail need based scholarships


Early Child care & Development

 This 3 year program helps students to gain knowledge, skills and attitude to handle education of pre- school children. This program is 70% practical’s and 30% theory. The theory classes are done on weekends. Students are expected to intern in play school to get required number of practical experience for this course. Exams will be conducted at the end of academic year and certificates awarded.

Electives / Specializations

Year 1 – Certificate program : Early Child care & Development

Year 2 – Diploma program on Early Child care & Development

Year 3 – Diploma In Early Child Care & Development

Career possibilities :

  • You can work in the early child care center as teacher.

  • You can work in the Early child care as teacher trainer

  • You can start your own child care center.